Jenn Hass is an Independent Founding Senior Designer with KEEP Collective. Keep Collective is a sister brand to Stella and Dot and launched just this past year in January of 2015. Jenn Hass been with KEEP since end of March and has been going strong since. Jenn currently has a team of other designers that motivate her to be a great leader and team mate.

Unique Bracelets

Jenn states that when she first joined, she thought if all else fails after 6 months, she would at least have really cool jewelry, but little did she know that in her journey thus far, she would help others write their stories too. With KEEP, you take your story and create beautiful jewelry and Jenn has helped those that have battled cancer, lost loved ones, celebrated weddings, anniversaries and other grand milestones to those showing pride in their local sports team, all write their KEEP stories. Jenn lives in Moorhead with her husband Josh and her 2.5 year old son, Jackson. Jenn also works full time as a business consultant at a local software company.


Jenn Hass
Indp. Keep Collective Founding Designer