The holiday season is a time full of excitement and special activities. Times you want to genuinely connect with friends and family and share your love. You will be better prepared to share your love if you feel healthy.

Although we can get confused with the many health and wellness “tips” that come our way, the truth is, the basics are quite simple. Those standard guidelines, exercise daily, get plenty of rest, and drink lots of water apply every day of the year – maybe even more during this time of hustle and bustle. And of course the old saying “you are what you eat” really is true. Your body craves great food and supplements. Sure, enjoy the wonderful flavors of the season, but also be sure that you eat smart to feel brilliant! Here are ten tips that are great for any time of the year:

1. Begin with breakfast – be sure to incorporate some protein as well as healthy grains and fruit.

2. Choose carbohydrates wisely – whole grains, colorful veggies and fruits top the list

3. Look for lean protein – a portion size is about the size of a deck of cards

4. Fabulous fats help you look and feel fantastic – remember nuts, grains, and fish with omega 3’s

5. Snacks are smart – eating small portions of healthy things keeps you going – remember fruits and veggies

6. Help you body’s hydration – drinking water and green tea is good for your whole body

7. Select super supplements – almost everyone needs the nutritional support excellent supplements can provide

8. Get rid of the garbage – avoid highly processed foods, soda pop, alcohol, toxic cleaning chemicals and other things that are not good for your health

9. Exercise enthusiastically – find things you like to do and a buddy to do it with

10. Sleep soundly – maintain a regular bedtime and shoot for 7 plus hours each night

Remember, you won’t be perfect every day, but do your best to keep these basic tips in mind and enjoy your holidays.

For more information about how to be your healthiest now and in the New Year, please contact Carolyn to schedule a free consultation. She can help you create a wellness plan and select products that support your needs and goals., or call 218.236.0781

Carolyn is an Independent Shaklee Distributor and wellness coach.